How do I change the project a register item is assigned to?

  1. Access Project Overview: Log in to your BuildPass account and access the Project Overview.
  2. Navigate to Registers: Within the Project Overview, locate and click on the "Registers" option. This should be somewhere in the menu or on the page.
  3. Select Register: Once you're in the Registers section, find the registered item that you want to reassign to a different project. Click on that item to select it.
  4. Choose Edit: Look for an option like "Edit" or "Edit Item" associated with the selected registered item. Click on it.
  5. Change Project: In the Edit Item screen, you should see an option to change the project to which the item is assigned. Click on this option.
  6. Select New Project: A list of available projects should appear. Choose the project you want to assign the item to. In the example, it's "Collins Street Apartments."
  7. Update Item: After selecting the new project, there should be a button or option to update the item. Click on this button to save the changes.
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