How to create scheduled checklists?

Create scheduled checklists effortlessly. This guide walks you through setting up and managing recurring checklists for better organization.

Step 1: Access BuildPass Checklist Module

  • Open BuildPass, and within the platform, locate the checklist module.

Step 2: Navigate to Schedules

  • Once you're in BuildPass's checklist module, look for an option or tab labeled "Schedules" and click on it.

Step 3: Create a New Schedule

  • Within the schedules section of BuildPass, locate and click on the "New Schedule" button. This will initiate the process of creating a new schedule checklist.

Step 4: Define the Checklist

  • In the new schedule setup, you will be prompted to select a checklist. Choose the specific checklist you want to schedule. For example, in the provided transcript, they want to schedule a safety walk checklist.

Step 5: Assign a Manager

  • You can assign the checklist to a specific user, such as a site manager or project manager, using BuildPass's user management options. Select the appropriate person from the options available.

Step 6: Set the Notification Frequency

  • Choose how often the assigned user should be notified about this checklist within BuildPass. In the transcript, they select "weekly," indicating that the checklist will be sent out for completion every week.

Step 7: Choose the Day of the Week

  • Specify the day of the week on which the checklist should be scheduled using BuildPass's scheduling tools. In the example, they choose "Mondays."

Step 8: Review Schedule Details

  • Take a moment to review the schedule details within BuildPass. You can change the title if needed, but in this case, they leave it as it is.

Step 9: Create the Schedule

  • Click the "Create" or "Save" button within BuildPass to finalise the schedule. Once created, the user will receive an email notification every Monday at the specified time (in this case, 9:00 AM).

Step 10: Monitor Scheduled Runs

  • After creating the schedule within BuildPass, you can check and monitor the scheduled runs in the platform. This allows you to see when the checklist is due and track its completion.

Step 11: Completion

  • The assigned user will receive an email reminder every Monday at 9:00 AM, and they can access the checklist directly from that email to complete it within BuildPass.

That's it! You've successfully created a schedule checklist using BuildPass to remind people to complete specific tasks regularly.

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