How do I create a checklist template?

Create a checklist template effortlessly. Follow this guide to design and customize checklist templates for your needs.

Step 1: Access the Template Editor

  • To get started, log in to your BuildPass account.
  • Navigate to the "Checklists" section in your account.

Step 2: Access the Template Editor

  • Within the "Checklists" section, click on "Templates."

Step 3: Create a New Template

  • To create a new Checklist template, click on the "Create a New Template" button.

Step 4: Name Your Template

  • Once you're in the template editor, give your template a name by selecting the pencil icon at the top of the page.

Step 5: Understand Block Types

  • In BuildPass, there are two types of blocks you can use: input blocks and display box blocks.
  • Input blocks are like questions that prompt users for a response.
  • Display box blocks are used to present information to users.

Step 6: Add Input Blocks

  • Let's say you want to add a multiple-choice question. To do this, select an input block.
  • Choose the "Single Select" block type.
  • Enter your question and populate the response options.

Step 7: Set Desired Responses

  • Specify the desired responses for each option to enable response reporting.
  • Some responses can be marked as desired, while others can be left as undecided.

Step 8: Save

  • After setting up the input block, save your changes.

Step 9: Preview Your Template

  • You can preview your template to see how it will appear to users.
  • Make sure everything is as you want it.

Step 10: Enable Multiple Options

  • If you want users to select multiple options, update the question block to a "Multi-Select" block.

Step 11: Choose Different Block Types

  • You can also make the question a text response if needed.

Step 12: Adjust Block Settings

  • Explore block settings by clicking on the blocks.
  • You can make questions required, add actions, notes, or attachment fields as needed.

Step 13: Organize Your Template

  • You can organize your template into sections and groups for better clarity.
  • Add sections to create separate tabs and group blocks with headings.

Step 14: Finalize Your Template

  • Once you've set up your template with the desired questions and configurations, save your template.

Step 15: Review and Test

  • Before deploying your template, review it and test it to ensure everything works as intended.

Step 16: Save and Use

  • Once you're satisfied with your template, save it.
  • You can now use this template for your checklists or other purposes within BuildPass.
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