Can I Run Multiple Pre-starts at the Same Time?

Run multiple pre-starts at the same time using this step-by-step guide for managing concurrent pre-start meetings.

How to create a combined pre-start message for workers:

Step 1: Identify the pre-starts that need to be communicated.

In this case, there is an existing pre-start about excavation on site that is running until the end of the week. Additionally, a note needs to be added about a crane that will be on site for the day.

Step 2: Create a new pre-start message that combines both of these messages.

This can be done in a variety of ways, such as adding the note about the crane to the existing excavation pre-start or creating a new pre-start message altogether.

Step 3: Ensure that the combined pre-start message is visible to workers when they sign on for the day.

This can be done by adding it to the sign-on process or ensuring that it is displayed prominently on the worker's device.

Step 4: Have workers acknowledge the combined pre-start message before starting work.

This can be done by requiring them to read and sign off on the message in the sign-on process or through a separate acknowledgement process.

Step 5: Monitor worker compliance with the pre-start messages.

Once workers have acknowledged the combined message, it should be recorded in a system or on a physical record to ensure that all workers have been made aware of the pre-starts and have complied with any necessary safety measures.

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