How do I create a Pre-start?

Create a pre-start using this step-by-step guide for setting up and organizing pre-start meetings.

Keeping workers informed of daily information is crucial for ensuring their safety and the smooth operation of a project. With the Worker Pre-Starts module, it's easy to create and distribute daily information to workers and ensure that they acknowledge it. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use the Worker Pre-Starts module:

Step 1: Navigate to the Safety Pre-Starts section

In the software or platform you're using, navigate to the section where the Worker Pre-Starts module is located. In this example, we'll be using a platform that has a Safety Pre-Starts section.

Step 2: Create a Pre-Start

Once you're in the Safety Pre-Starts section, click on "Create Pre-Start" to create a new pre-start message. Input the information for the day, such as any potential hazards or safety concerns, and create the pre-start message.

Step 3: Share the Pre-Start with Workers

When workers arrive on-site, they'll need to scan a QR code to sign on for the day. When they do this, they'll be shown the pre-start message that you created, and they'll need to acknowledge it before they can sign on.

Step 4: Monitor Worker Acknowledgements

Inside the pre-starts section, you'll be able to monitor worker acknowledgements. The number of workers who have acknowledged the pre-start message will be shown, and you can click into it to see the pre-start message and a list of all the workers who have acknowledged it.

By using the Worker Pre-Starts module, you can easily distribute daily information to workers and ensure that they acknowledge it. This is an effective way to keep workers informed and ensure their safety on the job.

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