How do I view who has acknowledged a pre-start?

View who has acknowledged a pre-start using this step-by-step guide for tracking participant acknowledgments.

How to View Workers' Acknowledgment of a Pre-Start

If you are responsible for safety management in your workplace, it is important to ensure that all workers have acknowledged a pre-start before they begin their tasks. Here's how you can view which workers have acknowledged a pre-start:

Step 1: Go to Safety

To start, navigate to the safety section of your workplace management system. This is usually found on the main menu or dashboard.

Step 2: Go to Pre-Starts

Once you are in the safety section, look for the pre-starts tab. This is where you can find all pre-starts that have been created for your workplace.

Step 3: Select the Pre-Start Date

Click on the pre-start date that you want to view the worker acknowledgment for. Make sure that you have selected the correct pre-start date.

Step 4: Click on Workers Acknowledge Tab

After selecting the pre-start date, click on the workers acknowledge tab. This will show you the list of all workers that have acknowledged the pre-start and the time when they acknowledged it.

Step 5: Check Worker Information

If you want to check the rest of the worker's information, you can click through to their profile by selecting their name on the list.

And that's it! Now you know how to view which workers have acknowledged a pre-start for a specific date. This process is important to ensure that all workers have been informed about any potential hazards or risks associated with their tasks, and that they are aware of the safety protocols that need to be followed.

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