How do I sign a worker off manually?

Step 1: Access Project Overview

Begin by logging into your BuildPass account and navigating to the project overview page.

Step 2: Navigate to Safety Section

Once you're on the project overview page, locate the navigation menu, and click on the "Safety" tab. This will direct you to the safety management section.

Step 3: Access Sign-Ons

Within the safety management section, find and click on the "Sign-Ons" tab. This page will display a list of all workers who have signed on for the project.

Step 4: Identify the Worker to be Signed Off

Look through the list of workers to find the one you want to manually sign off. 

Step 5: Initiate Manual Sign-Off

On the right-hand side, locate the option for manual sign-off. Click on "Manual Sign-On, Sign-Off."

Step 6: Choose Sign-Off Type

A pop-up window will appear, prompting you to select the type of sign-off. Since the worker is signing off now, choose the "Now" option from the drop-down menu.

Step 7: Save the Sign-Off 

After choosing the sign-off type, click the "Save" button to confirm the manual sign-off for "Leroy Land." The system will now record the manual sign-off.

Step 8: Verify Sign-Off

Double-check that the sign-off  has been successfully recorded. You should see a confirmation message or an updated status for the worker.

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