How do I see the site diary that an image was uploaded on?

See the site diary an image was uploaded on using this step-by-step guide for tracking and managing diary entries.

Access the Project Overview:

    • Navigate to your project overview or dashboard. This could be on a website or software platform.

Open the Image Gallery:

    • Look for the image you want to trace back to its source. It's usually in an image gallery or collection

Click on the Image:

    • Click on the image you're interested in to access more information about it

View Image Details:

    • After clicking on the image, you should see information about it. 

Identify the Upload Date:

    • Note the date the image was uploaded. In this example, it was uploaded on Monday, July 31, 2023.

Access the Site Diary:

    • If available, you can often click on a link or button to access the specific location (site diary in this case) where the image was uploaded.

Explore the Site Diary:

    • Once you're in the site diary, you can explore the content related to the image, which may include additional details, comments, or context.
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