How Does BuildPass Calculate a Worker's Hours for a Sign-On?

Learn how worker hours are calculated using this step-by-step guide for understanding the process and ensuring accuracy.

To accurately track a worker’s hours BuildPass uses the sign on data available and looks to follow the following rule:

  • The time worked will be the difference between the sign-on and sign-off times.
  • If the worker hasn't signed off yet, BuildPass will show in the site diary the amount of time between when the worker signed off, and the current point in time. Make sure you sign the worker off at this point to capture the total time worked.
  • If BuildPass noticed that the total time a worker has been signed on exceeds 24 hours or when no sign-off time get's entered, we will then fall back to the site timings to figure out when the worker likely finished for the day.
  • In the absence of specific site timings, we assume the work to have not exceeded 7.6 hours to cover scenarios where a worker forgets to sign off or signs themselves off on the wrong day.
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