How to change the radius of a project for geolocation

Adjust the radius for project geolocation in BuildPass to refine the area for location-based updates. This feature enhances on-site efficiency by ensuring notifications are triggered within a specified range. Update the radius in your project settings following the provided steps.

  1. Open the Project Overview
    • Navigate to your project overview page.
  2. Go to Settings
    • On the left-hand side, click on Settings.
    • Within the settings menu, select Projects.
  3. Select the Project
    • Find the project for which you want to adjust the geolocation radius.
    • Click the three dots (more options) next to the project name.
    • Select Edit from the menu.
  4. Adjust the Radius
    • In the edit menu, locate the section where you can change the geolocation radius.
    • Adjust the radius as needed.
    • You can also drag and drop the pin on the map to make the location more specific.
  5. Save Changes
    • After making the adjustments, ensure you save the changes to update the project’s geolocation radius.
  6. Contact Support if Needed
    • If you have any questions, use the green chat box in the bottom right-hand corner to reach out for assistance.

Additional Notes

  • Double-check the new radius and pin location to ensure they are accurate before saving.
  • Adjusting the geolocation radius can help refine project boundaries and improve location-specific functionalities.

By following these steps, you can easily change the geolocation radius for any project.

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