How to use the AI Template Generator

Learn how to utilize the AI Template Generator in BuildPass. This tool helps you create templates efficiently by leveraging AI technology, making it easier to manage and automate tasks. Follow the instructions to set up and customize your templates for various project needs.

How to Use the AI Template Generator to Create Checklists

Step 1: Navigate to the Template Section

  • Start by opening your project overview. Go to the "Checklists" section.
  • Scroll down and click on "Templates".

Step 2: Create a New Template

  • Click on "Create Template".
  • You will see an option labelled "Ask our AI Template Assistant to help you". Click on this button.

Step 3: Input Template Requirements

  • Enter the type of template you need. For example, type "Please create an injury report."
  • The AI template generator will process your request and create the desired template.

Step 4: Preview the New Template

  • Once the template is created, preview it by navigating to the right side of the screen.
  • Check if the template meets your requirements or if it needs any modifications.

Step 5: Modify the Template (Optional)

  • If adjustments are needed, such as adding a yes-no checklist section, input that request.
  • For instance, you might enter "Please add a yes-no checklist section to the injury report."
  • The AI will update the template accordingly.

Step 6: Review and Use the Updated Template

  • Scroll through the template sections to review any changes. Ensure the newly added sections are correct.
  • Once satisfied, click "Use this Template" to apply it to your project.

Step 7: Make Manual Adjustments (Optional)

  • If further personalisation is needed, make manual changes directly in the template editor.

Step 8: Request Additional Changes (Optional)

  • If additional modifications are required, simply return to the AI generator and specify what changes need to be made.

Step 9: Seek Assistance if Needed

  • For any questions or support, use the green chat box in the right-hand corner of the screen.
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