How do I create a workflow?

Discover how to create a workflow in BuildPass. This article provides step-by-step instructions to help you set up workflows, streamline tasks, and automate processes, enhancing project efficiency and organization.

Step-by-Step Guide to Create and Configure Workflows in BuildPass

Step 1: Access Workflows

  1. Open BuildPass and click on "Workflows".

Step 2: Configure Workflows

  1. Click on "Configure workflows".

Step 3: Create a New Workflow

  1. Click on "New workflow".

Step 4: Name Your Workflow

  1. Give your workflow a name.

Step 5: Select Project

  1. Open the project selector (it will say "No Project").
  2. Select the project(s) you would like the workflow to be configured on.

Step 6: Set Trigger Resource

  1. Select the resource you would like to use as your trigger.
  2. Choose either "checklist" or "site diary".

Step 7: Associate Checklist

  1. Choose the checklist you want it to be associated with.

Step 8: Define Trigger Conditions

  1. Choose your trigger conditions.
  2. Select from the available options.

Step 9: Create Workflow

  1. Click on "Create Workflow".
  2. Choose the plus icon (+).

Step 10: Configure Notifications

  1. Choose between sending an email or a notification.
  2. Select your recipients.

Step 11: Assign Task

  1. Choose your assignee.
  2. Select "Done" when ready.

Step 12: Custom Message

  1. Enter a custom message that will be sent to the assignee.

Step 13: Activate and Save Workflow

  1. Activate the workflow.
  2. Save your workflow.
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