How do I get more ticket types added to BuildPass?

You will need to contact the BuildPass team to have a ticket added. You can lodge a request for this via live chat or by emailing

If you would like to chat to a member of our team about this before lodging a request, please reach out via email, live chat or by calling 03 9917 4285.

You can use the below prompts to help structure your request as we need to know a bit about the ticket to have it added. It also always helps to have an example ticket sent over to inform our team.

Ticket Information Required:

  • Ticket name (e.g Construction Industry Induction - White Card)
  • Short hand name for ticket (e.g White Card)
  • Image Requirements
    • Front Image
    • Back Image
    • Both
  • Ticket Format
    • Card
    • Certificate
    • PDF
    • Other
  • Ticket Details
    • Does it have an expiry date?
    • Does it have an obtained or issued date?
    • Does it have a number/identifier?
    • Does it contains medical records?
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