How are workers notified of a toolbox?

Notify workers of a toolbox using this step-by-step guide for ensuring all participants are informed.

Step 1: Open the Toolboxes Section

  • Start by navigating to the right-hand side of the interface.
  • Click on the "Toolboxes" option.

Step 2: Create a New Toolbox

  • Inside the Toolboxes section, select the "Create Toolbox" button.
  • Enter the date and time for the toolbox meeting.
  • Provide the agenda and any other relevant details you wish to include.

Step 3: Distribute the Toolbox Notification

  • Click on the "Distribute" button to proceed to the distribution options.

Step 4: Choose the Worker Segment

  • You have several options for whom to notify: "Signed on Today," "Signed on in the Last Two Weeks," "Inducted to Project," or "All Workers."
  • Select "Signed on in the Last Two Weeks" (or another appropriate option based on your needs).

Step 5: Select Specific Workers

  • Choose the specific workers you wish to notify about the toolbox.

Step 6: Submit and Distribute

  • Click "Submit" to confirm your selections.
  • Press "OK" to finalise.

Step 7: Notification is Sent

  • The selected workers will receive a notification on their phones, as a text message, informing them of the upcoming toolbox meeting

Step 8: Offering Further Assistance

  • If anyone has questions or needs further clarification, direct them to the chat box located in the right-hand corner of the interface for support.
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