How do I create an action item in a checklist?

Learn how to create an action item within a checklist in BuildPass. This article provides step-by-step instructions to help you add and manage action items, ensuring tasks are organized and easily tracked within your checklists for efficient project management.

1. Log in to BuildPass:

- Go to the BuildPass login page and enter your credentials.

2. Navigate to Checklists:

- From the dashboard, select the "Checklists" option.

3. Open the Desired Checklist:

- Choose the checklist where you want to create an action item.

4. Add an Action Item:

- Click on the "Add Item" button within the checklist.

- Fill in the details of the action item such as the description, due date, and assign it to the relevant person.

5. Save the Action Item:

- Once all details are entered, click "Save" to add the action item to the checklist.

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