What are Admin User roles?

In this article, we will explore the different roles available in BuildPass, a project management platform. Understanding these roles will help you effectively set up users and assign appropriate access levels within your BuildPass account.

Step 1: Accessing User Roles

When setting up users in BuildPass, you will come across an option to select a role. This step allows you to define the user's level of access and responsibilities within the platform.

Step 2: Available Roles

BuildPass offers three primary roles: Manager, Owner, and Project Manager. Each role has distinct characteristics and limitations. Let's examine them individually:

2.1 Owner:

The owner is the highest level of authority within the BuildPass account. They possess full access to all features, projects, and user management capabilities. Only senior-level staff, such as directors, heads of departments, and HSEQ managers, should be assigned this role.

2.2 Manager:

Managers are the next level down from the owner. They have unrestricted access to all projects and functionalities within the account, except for the ability to remove the owner. Typically, managers occupy mid-level positions within the organisation.

2.3 Project Manager:

Project managers have specific access and limitations compared to owners and managers. They cannot add or remove users from the account, nor can they view projects they are not explicitly assigned to.

Step 3: Assigning Projects to Project Managers

To specify the projects a project manager can access, follow these steps:

3.1 Selecting the Role:

While setting up a user, choose the "Manager" option for managers and the "Project Manager" option for project managers.

3.2 Assigned Projects Field: After selecting the project manager role, a new field called "Assigned Projects" will appear. This field allows you to define which projects the project manager can access.

3.3 Setting Project Access: You have two options to assign projects:

a) Search by Project Name: Type the project name in the search field to locate the desired project. This feature assists in easily identifying and selecting the appropriate project.

b) Browse the List: By clicking on the provided section, a list of all projects will be displayed. You can scroll through this list and choose the relevant projects for the project manager.

Step 4: Project Manager's Access Limitations It is important to note the limitations of a project manager's access:

  • The project manager can only access projects they are assigned to.
  • They will receive email notifications related to these assigned projects.

Step 5: Importance of Assigning Projects To ensure the best user experience for project managers, it is essential to assign at least one project during their initial setup. Failing to do so will result in project managers accessing BuildPass for the first time with no projects visible, which may cause confusion.

Conclusion: Understanding the roles within BuildPass is crucial for effective user management and access control. By assigning the appropriate roles and projects, you can optimise the platform's functionalities for each user, facilitating efficient project management. If you follow these steps, you will be able to set up user roles and assign projects within BuildPass with ease. Have a great day!

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