How to categorise your Checklists

This article covers how to create checklist categories and show these categories like "folders" in the BuildPass navigation menu.

How to setup your checklist categories

  1. Access Your Settings:
  • Head to your settings, located at the bottom left-hand side of your screen.
  • Navigate to the checklists page within the settings.

  1. Add Checklist Categories:

  • Under the heading "Checklist categories" you will see an .
  • Once you add a category you can customise it with colors and icons for easy identification.
  1. Select Categories to Show in the main Navigation
  • Using the search bar that appears under "Categories to show in navigation menu" you can nominate which categories you would like to see in the main navigation

Adding Checklist to Categories

Once you have set up your checklist categories, you can nominate which category each checklist will be associated with on the templates page.

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