How do I view all expired tickets?

  1. Access BuildPass: Open BuildPass and log in to your account.
  2. Navigate to Tickets: On the left-hand side of the BuildPass interface, locate and click on the "Tickets" option.
  3. Access Expiry: In the Tickets section, find and click on the "Expiry" option.
  4. View Expired Tickets: After clicking "Expiry," select the "Expired" option from the menu. This action will display any tickets that have expired. If you don't have any expired tickets, the list will be empty.
  5. Check Expiring Soon Tickets: To check tickets that are expiring soon, choose the "Expiring soon" option from the menu, and click "OK." This will display tickets that are close to their expiration dates.
  6. View Current Tickets: If you want to see the list of current tickets, click on the "Current" option and press "OK." This will display all your currently active tickets.
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