How do I add tickets for a worker?

Tickets are essential for ensuring compliance and safety on construction sites. By following these instructions, you can easily add tickets for workers who have not submitted them previously.

Step 1: Access the Worker Management Section

  • Log in to your BuildPass account.
  • Once logged in, navigate to the "People" tab.
  • Click on the "Workers" option to access the worker management section.

Step 2: Locate the Worker

  • In the worker management section, locate the worker for whom you want to add a ticket.
  • Identify the worker's name, such as in this case, Aaron.

Step 3: Access the Tickets Page

  • Within the worker's profile, locate the "Tickets" page.
  • Click on the "Tickets" link to proceed.

Step 4: Add a Ticket

  • On the tickets page, click on the "Add a Ticket" button.
  • Search for the specific ticket type, in this example, an excavator ticket.
  • Upload the relevant images for the ticket. You can use sample images stored on your desktop for demonstration purposes.
  • Fill in the required details for the ticket, such as the ticket number, state issued, and expiration date.

Step 5: Review the Added Ticket

  • After creating the ticket, you will be redirected to the worker's ticket page.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page to view the newly added ticket.
  • Notice the "builder-generated ticket" tag, indicating that it was created by you as the builder.

Step 6: Managing Builder-Generated Tickets

  • Understand that builder-generated tickets provide you with full control over their management.
  • You can edit or delete the ticket as needed.
  • If changes are required, you can request a review from the subcontractor to modify the ticket.

Step 7: Worker-Uploaded Tickets

  • Differentiate between builder-generated tickets and worker-uploaded tickets.
  • You cannot edit or modify tickets that workers have uploaded themselves.
  • This restriction exists to ensure you do not remove a ticket for a worker who may still require it on another project.

Step 8: Requesting Changes for Worker-Uploaded Tickets

  • If a worker-uploaded ticket is expired or invalid, you can request changes.
  • Select the ticket, click on "Update Review," and choose "Request Changes."
  • Send an email and a text message to the subcontractor, requesting them to update the ticket with valid information.

Step 9: Manually Adding Worker-Uploaded Tickets

  • If a worker fails to provide a ticket, you can add it yourself during the site visit.
  • Ask the worker to show the ticket and verify its authenticity.
  • Click on "Add a Ticket" and upload the necessary images and information for the ticket.

Step 10: Customize the Added Ticket

  • When adding a ticket manually, you have the flexibility to make changes.
  • Upload new images or update ticket details as required.

Conclusion: Adding tickets to workers in your BuildPass account is a straightforward process that ensures compliance and safety on construction sites. By following the step-by-step instructions provided in this guide, you can easily add tickets for workers and manage them effectively. If you have any questions or require further assistance, contact the BuildPass support team through the app's chat icon. Have a great day and happy building!

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