How do I edit an action item?

Learn how to edit an action item in BuildPass. This article guides you through the steps to modify existing action items, ensuring tasks are accurately updated and managed for effective project tracking.

Step 1: Access the Project Overview

To begin, log in to the project management system where your project is located. Navigate to the dashboard or project list and locate the specific project you want to work on. Click on the project's name to access the project overview page.

Step 2: Access the Actions Section

On the project overview page, look for a menu or sidebar containing different sections related to the project. Find and click on the "Actions" section. This will take you to a page displaying all the actions within the project.

Step 3: Select the Action to Edit

Scan through the list of actions to find the one you want to edit. Once you've identified the action, click on its name or the "Edit" button/icon next to it. This will open the editing interface for the selected action.

Step 4: Make Necessary Edits

The action editing page will allow you to modify various details of the action. You can change its type (e.g., from hazard to observation), update the due date, add more information, or make any other necessary adjustments. Use the available input fields and options to customize the action according to your requirements.

Step 5: Save the Edits

After making the desired changes, look for a "Save" or "Update Action" button on the editing page. Click this button to save your edits. The action will now be updated with the new information you've provided.

Step 6: Send a Reminder (Optional)

If you want to remind someone, like a subcontractor, about the updated action, you may have the option to send them a reminder. Look for a "Send Reminder" button or a similar option on the action's page. Click it to trigger the reminder notification.

Editing actions in a project is a straightforward process. By following these step-by-step instructions, you can efficiently manage and update actions to ensure your project stays on track. Happy project management!

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