What’s the difference between pre-starts and toolboxes?

In this article, we will explore the difference between pre-starts and toolboxes in the BuildPass platform.

  1. Pre-Starts: A pre-start is a daily or multi-day message that appears to workers when they sign on to the BuildPass site. It serves as a communication tool to convey important information or instructions.

1.1 Creating a Pre-Start: To create a pre-start, follow these steps:

  • Access the BuildPass platform and navigate to the pre-start section.
  • Click on "Create Pre-Start."
  • Choose the date on which the pre-start message will appear.
  • Optionally, select multiple days to span the pre-start message over a specific period.
  • Workers who sign onto the site on the selected day(s) will be shown the pre-start message.

1.2 Content of a Pre-Start: A typical pre-start message may include information such as upcoming deliveries or any actions required from the workers. Additionally, BuildPass allows you to highlight risks or important details in your pre-starts.

1.3 Managing Pre-Starts: After creating a pre-start, you will find it listed with details:

  • The pre-start will have a status based on when it will appear.
  • Workers' acknowledgments are tracked, showing who viewed the pre-start.
  • Any comments or descriptions left by workers can also be viewed for reference.

1.4 Worker Acknowledgment: Pre-starts require workers to acknowledge and agree to the message before signing on to the site for the day. This acknowledgment is recorded and provides a record of every individual who agreed to the pre-start.

  1. Toolboxes: Toolboxes in BuildPass refer to on-site meetings that can be scheduled, attendees notified, attendance tracked, and meeting discussions documented.

2.1 Creating a Toolbox: To schedule a toolbox meeting, follow these steps:

  • Within the BuildPass platform, click on "Create Toolbox."
  • Set a specific date and time for the toolbox meeting.
  • Specify the type of toolbox and provide a high-level agenda.
  • Custom fields are available to include additional details relevant to the toolbox.

2.2 Managing a Toolbox: Toolboxes offer features to manage attendees and track their participation:

  • Specify the list of attendees for the toolbox meeting.
  • During the meeting, attendance can be marked to record who attended.
  • Like pre-starts, toolbox meetings can also be acknowledged by workers to ensure their participation is recorded.

2.3 Recording Meeting Details: BuildPass provides a notes section within the toolbox to document what was discussed during the meeting. These notes can be shared with all attendees after the meeting concludes.

2.4 Additional Attendee Scanning: If any workers arrive late or were inadvertently omitted from the initial attendee list, they can scan a QR code to add themselves to the list of attendees retrospectively.

In summary, pre-starts and toolboxes serve different purposes within the BuildPass platform. Pre-starts are daily or multi-day messages that workers see when signing onto the site, conveying important information. Toolboxes, on the other hand, are on-site meetings that can be scheduled, attended, and have their details recorded. By understanding the distinctions between these features, users can effectively utilise them to enhance communication and coordination on construction sites. For any further inquiries, users can reach out to BuildPass support through the chat icon in the app.

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