How do workers sign the toolbox talk?

Have workers sign the toolbox talk using this step-by-step guide for collecting signatures and confirming attendance.

Step 1: Login to your BuildPass Account

Step 2: Accessing Toolboxes 

Within the project overview, locate the "Toolboxes" section. Click on it to access a list of all the toolboxes that have been run in the past.

Step 3: Creating a New Toolbox

To create a new toolbox, click on the option to create a new toolbox. You will be prompted to fill in various details for the upcoming toolbox.

Step 4: Filling Toolbox Details

In the toolbox creation form, enter the following details:

Toolbox Time: Set the time for the toolbox, e.g., 1 p.m.

Toolbox Type: Choose between regular, incident, or other. For this example, select "Regular."

Toolbox Topic: Enter the topic of the toolbox, which is "Safety on Site."

Adding Files: If you have any files related to the toolbox, such as safety documents, you can add them at this stage.

Step 5: Distributing the Toolbox

After filling in the toolbox details, click on the "Distribute" button. You will have distribution options:

Signed on Today: Distribute the toolbox to those who have signed in today.

Inducted with the Project: Distribute to workers who have been inducted with the project.

All Workers: Distribute the toolbox to all workers.

Step 6: Selecting Distribution

Since we want to distribute to those who signed on today, select that option and click "Submit."

Step 7: Sending Notifications

After submitting, the selected workers will receive a notification about the upcoming toolbox at 1 p.m.

Step 8: Running the Toolbox Meeting

At the scheduled time, access the toolbox again and click on the "Run" button. This is where you'll conduct the toolbox meeting.

Step 9: Taking Notes and Managing Attendance

During the toolbox meeting, you can take notes on the discussion, such as safety topics covered, and attach any additional files if needed.

Step 10: Marking Attendance

You can mark attendance for invited subcontractors and workers who attended the toolbox meeting. Click "Yes" for each attendee and save the attendance.

Step 11: Adding Uninvited Attendees

If an uninvited subcontractor or worker attends the toolbox, you can add them manually at the end of the session. Click "Save Toolbox" to generate a QR code for attendance.

Step 12: Distributing the QR Code

The QR code can be shared with workers, who can scan it to automatically add themselves as attendees. You can copy the link, send it in a message, or download the QR code for distribution.

Step 13: Viewing Toolbox Overview

After the toolbox, you can access an overview that includes:

Date and time of the toolbox.

Creation date.

Agenda and notes.

List of attendees.

Scanned QR code activity.

Any attachments.

Step 14: Adding Attachments Post-Toolbox

If you need to add attachments after the toolbox, such as handwritten notes, you can easily do so using the toolbox overview.

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