How do I add an attendee to a toolbox that wasn’t originally invited?

Add an attendee to a toolbox that wasn't originally invited using this step-by-step guide for updating meeting participants.

  1. Access the Toolboxes Section:
    • Log in to your BuildPass account.
    • Once logged in, navigate to your project overview on the left-hand side.
  2. View Existing Toolboxes:
    • Scroll down to find the "Toolboxes" section.
    • Here, you can see a list of all the toolboxes that have been run in the past.
  3. Create a New Toolbox:
    • To create a new toolbox, click on the option to create a new toolbox.

      Fill in the following details:

      • Toolbox Time: Set the time for the toolbox (e.g., 1 p.m.).
      • Toolbox Type: Choose between "Regular," "Incident," or "Other."
      • Agenda: Describe what the toolbox will cover, such as "Safety on Site."
      • Attach Files: If necessary, add any relevant files, like site safety documents.
  4. Distribute the Toolbox:
    • After filling in the toolbox details, click the "Distribute" button.

      Choose the audience to distribute the toolbox to:

      • Options typically include those signed in today, inducted with the project, and all workers.
      • In this example, select "those signed on today."
    • Click "Submit" to send out the toolbox notification.
  5. Notify Attendees:
    • Once submitted, attendees will receive a notification about the upcoming toolbox at 1 p.m.
  6. Run the Toolbox Meeting:
    • When the scheduled time arrives, access the toolbox and click "Run."
    • During the meeting, you can take notes and discuss the topics outlined in the agenda.
  7. Mark Attendance:
    • After the toolbox, mark the attendance of attendees.
    • You can see the list of attendees, including subcontractors who were invited earlier.
    • Mark their attendance by selecting "Yes" next to their names and click "Save Attendance."
  8. Adding Late Attendees:
    • If someone not originally invited attends the toolbox, you can add them to the attendance list after the meeting.
  9. Generate a QR Code:
    • Click "Save Toolbox" to complete the toolbox meeting.
    • You'll receive a QR code.
  10. Share the QR Code:
    • Share the QR code with all workers. They can scan it to automatically add themselves as attendees.
    • Alternatively, you can copy the link and send it to them or download the QR code.
  11. Review Toolbox Details:
    • Access your toolbox overview to see details like the date and time, creation date, agenda, notes, and attendees.
    • Attach any additional files or review activity related to the toolbox.
  12. Adding Attachments Later:
    • If you need to upload additional materials or handwritten notes, you can do so even after the toolbox.
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