How do I view only site diary photos in the image gallery?

This tutorial will walk you through the simple process of viewing only site diary photos within your BuildPass image gallery.

Step 1: Access Your BuildPass Dashboard:

To begin, log in to your BuildPass account and navigate to your dashboard. This is your central hub where you can access all your project-related tools and features.

Step 2: Open the Image Gallery:

Within your BuildPass dashboard, locate and click on the "Image Gallery" section. This is where all the visual documentation of your project is stored.

Step 3: Filter Images by Entry Type:

Once you're inside the image gallery, you'll notice a filtering panel at the top of the screen. This panel allows you to sort images based on different entry types, such as "Site Diaries" and "Checklists."

Step 4: Select "Site Diaries":

To focus solely on the images associated with your site diary entries, click on the "Site Diaries" entry type within the filtering panel. This action will refine the gallery display to showcase images exclusively from your site diary documentation.

Step 5: Explore Site Diary Images: Now, take a moment to explore the gallery. You should now see only the images linked to your site diary entries. This streamlines the process of finding and reviewing the specific photos that matter most to your project.

Step 6: Toggle Between Entry Types:

You can switch between various entry types like "Checklists" if you're interested in viewing images from those specific entries. To do this, simply deselect the current entry type (in this case, "Site Diaries") and choose the desired entry type ("Checklists").

Step 7: No Images Displayed Clarification:

If you opt to view images from a different entry type, such as "Checklists," and find that no images are displayed, don't worry. It's important to note that the absence of images in this context indicates that there are no relevant images to display. This is a valuable feature to avoid clutter and present only the pertinent images.

If you encounter any challenges or have questions, don't hesitate to reach out for assistance. BuildPass offers support through the platform's communication channels.

With these step-by-step instructions, you can effectively filter and view images from specific entry types like site diaries or checklists. This enhances your overall experience by providing efficient organisation and quick access to the images you need. Should you need help along the way, BuildPass' support team is readily available to ensure your journey on the platform is smooth and successful.

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